Buyers and sellers in this market need advisers who can spot real value amidst the hype. They need representatives who see things as they really are. Sandra Hines is at the top of her game. After more than a decade in the business, she is among the most highly endorsed and elite realtors in West Seattle—among the top five by several measures.


People are initially drawn to Sandra’s charm, kindness and generosity—traits forged by her Texas upbringing and early career in hospitality management. While some fail to see beyond the accommodating, enthusiastic Southern belle, those who know her well (or have negotiated with her in more rigorous situations) know better. They see her drive, competitiveness and ability to win for her clients. Elite, high volume agents have an incredible advantage because they learn what it takes to win. Sandra’s real estate practice has evolved.


A recent bout with cancer shaped her mindset, values and relationships— sometimes reinforcing, sometimes resetting. Surviving brought clarity and perspective by forcing her to re-examine what was important and to choose to live without fear. “After cancer I am not afraid of anything. I look at situations for what they are and take events as they come,” she says. “I am better at appreciating people for who they are and what they want—without judgment.” That clarity helps in this real estate market.


Accurately identifying what people care about translates into value (and money) for her clients. Living without fear makes hard conversations and choices easier. Big decisions transform from risks to opportunities. This fresh view led Sandra to align with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, where she serves her clients through an unparalleled global network, award-winning marketing and a trusted heritage rooted in the world-renown Sotheby’s Auction House. Those considering a real estate voyage with Sandra should understand that relationships are at the core of real estate; respect and communication are foundational. Whether it’s her clients, the agents she negotiates with, or their clients, diverse personalities and underlying values are in play.


People want different (and sometimes unexpected) things! Taking those interests seriously leads to creative solutions, fruitful negotiations and wins. Sandra’s business succeeds because she serves her clients’ best interest. Sometimes she advises not to sell. Sometimes she advises not to buy. She values relationships over transactions. This spirit animates the friendly, conscientious way she works and her commitment to community—local businesses, schools, and nonprofits.

Sandra Hines | Realogics Sotheby's International

2715 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

Cell/Direct: 206-778-6090


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